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 Original Perfume - Tester Unit & New In Box

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Join date : 28/03/2011

PostSubject: Original Perfume - Tester Unit & New In Box   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:04 pm

Best Place To Get Your Favorite Brand Perfume!
Here, we only sell Genuine Fragrances Of Various Famous Brands.
Stocks & Tester Unit, Complete With Box.

ORIGINAL TESTER perfume is the same as common stock perfume sold over the counter at a shopping mall or a perfume shop.

There are fans who like to buy TESTER UNIT because the content of perfume essence is more than the percentage of common stock perfume.


It aims to ATTRACT shoppers. This is because strong and long-lasting fragrance from TESTER UNIT will attract buyers to buy the common stock perfume.

Each tester comes with white or brown boxes


How to Order

State your name.
Telephone / Handphone number.
Delivery address in full.
Perfume details, as per
a) Quantity
b)Price and add RM10.00 for delivery each bottle (Semenanjung, Sabah & Sarawak).

Deposit into:
Siti Aisyah Abdullah
MBB: 1540 8006 1894
CIMB: 04010602321527

SMS details to 017 - 606 9975 or Email to sofeaperfume@yahoo.com
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Posts : 7
Join date : 28/03/2011

PostSubject: Original Perfume - Tester Unit & New In Box   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:06 pm

List of Woman's Fragrance–Tester Unit (With White or Brown Box)

Anna Sui-Dolly Girl -75ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Anna Sui-Flight of Fancy -75ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Anna Sui-Night of Fancy-75ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Anna Sui-Secret Wish -75ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Anna Sui-Secret Wish Magic Romance-75ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Anna Sui-Sui Love -75ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Antonio Banderas-Blue Seduction Women-100ml-woman-edt- RM 90
Armand Basi- In Red Women -100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Britney Spears -Circus Fantasy-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Britney Spears -In Control Curious-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Britney Spears -Fantasy -100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Burberry-Brit Women-100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Burberry-Brit Sheer-100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Burberry-Burberry Sport Woman -75ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari -Blv EDP2-75ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Bvlgari -BLV Notte -75ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Bvlgari -BLV Women-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Bvlgari -Omnia -60ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Bvlgari -Omnia Crystalline-65ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Bvlgari -Omnia Green Jade-65ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Bvlgari -Rose Essentielle -50ml-woman-edp- RM 130
Bvlgari -Voile de Jasmine-100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Calvin Klein-Eternity women-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Davidoff -Coolwater Wave Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Davidoff -Coolwater Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Elizabeth Arden :-5th Avenue -100ml-woman-edp- RM 140
Escada-Sentiment Woman-50ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Escada-Ocean Lounge Women-100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Escada-S -90ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Etienne Aigner-Ice Drops Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 130
Etienne Aigner-Too Feminine -60ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Etienne Aigner-Too Feminine Spring-60ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Giorgio Armani-Armani Mania Woman -75ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Givenchy-Very Irresistible Summer 2006-100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Guess-Pink Woman -75ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Guess-Gold Woman -75ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Guess-Marciano Woman -100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Hugo Boss -Hugo Boss Orange Woman -90ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Hugo Boss -XX Woman -60ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Jennifer Lopez-Glow -100ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Jennifer Lopez-Glow after dark -100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Jennifer Lopez-Live Luxe -100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Jennifer Lopez-Love At 1st Glow -100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Jennifer Lopez-Still -100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Jennifer Lopez-Sunkissed glow -100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Jessica Simpson-Jessica Simpson Fancy -100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Kenzo-Eau De Fleur De Soie (Silk) -50ml-woman-edt- RM 130
Kenzo-Eau De FLeur de The (Tea) -50ml-woman-edt- RM 130
Kenzo-Flower -50ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Kenzo-Flower Essentielle -75ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Lacoste-Touch of Pink-90ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Maria Sharapova-Women-100ml-woman-edp- RM 140
Moschino-I love love -100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Nautica-Bermuda Blue Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Nina Ricci -L'air Du Temps -100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Paris Hilton-Fairy Dust-100ml-woman-edp- RM 140
Paris Hilton-Women-100ml-woman-edp- RM 140
Paris Hilton-Heiress-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Ralph Lauren -Cool for Women -100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Salvatore Ferragamo-F for Women -90ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Bliss -100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Charms -100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Dream-100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Shine -100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Sarah Jessica Parker -Covet-100ml-woman-edp- RM 130
Sarah Jessica Parker -Lovely -100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Sarah Jessica Parker -Covet Pure bloom -100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Versace-Red Jeans -75ml-woman-edt- RM 110

List of Men's Fragrance–Tester Unit (With White or Brown Box)

Antonio Banderas-Blue Seduction Men-100ml-man-edt- RM 90
Antonio Banderas-Spirit Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 90
Azzaro-Azzaro Chrome-100ml-man-edt- RM 130
Azzaro-Bright Visit-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Burberry-Brit -100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Bvlgari -Aqva -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Bvlgari -Aqva Marine -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Bvlgari -Blv Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Bvlgari -Extreme -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Bvlgari -Soir-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Bvlgari -Black -75ml-unisex-edt- RM 140
Calvin Klein-Eternity Man -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Calvin Klein-Eternity Summer Man 2009 -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Calvin Klein-CK One Summer 2008 -100ml-unisex-edt- RM 150
Canali-Style -100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Canali-Summer Night for Men -100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Chevignon-CHEVIGNON 57 Men-100ml-man-edt- RM 100
Davidoff -Coolwater Man -125ml-man-edt- RM 130
Davidoff -Coolwater Game Woman -125ml-man-edt- RM 140
Davidoff -Coolwater Happy Summer Man -125ml-man-edt- RM 140
Davidoff -Echo Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Davidoff -Adventure -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Davidoff -Silver shadow Private Man -100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Diesel-Fuel for Life Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 170
Diesel-Only The Brave Men -75ml-man-edt- RM 170
DSquared-He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood -100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Dunhill-Dunhill London -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Dunhill-Dunhill Black-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Dunhill-Dunhill Boxer -75ml-man-edt- RM 150
Escada-Magnetism Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Etienne Aigner-Blue Emotion Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Etienne Aigner-Black Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 150
Etienne Aigner-White Man -125ml-man-edt- RM 150
Etienne Aigner-Aigner Man2 Evolution -100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Guess-Man -75ml-man-edt- RM 150
Guess-Marciano -100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Guy Laroche-Drakkar Noir-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Hugo Boss -Hugo Energise -125ml-man-edt- RM 150
Hugo Boss -Element for Man-90ml-man-edt- RM 170
Hugo Boss -In motion Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Hugo Boss -No 1-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Hugo Boss -Pure -75ml-man-edt- RM 170
Hugo Boss -Soul -90ml-man-edt- RM 170
Hugo Boss -XY Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Jaguar-Blue -100ml-man-edt- RM 130
Kenzo-Jungle -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Kenzo-Leupar -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Kenzo-Pour Homme-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Kenzo-Tokyo -100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Kenzo-Power-125ml-man-edt- RM 170
Lacoste-Essential Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Paco Rabanne-Ultraviolet Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Paris Hilton-Just Me Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Paris Hilton-Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Pierre Balmain-Balman for Man -100ml-man-edt- RM 90
Prada-Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 130
Ralph Lauren -Polo Black -100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Essential Man-100ml-man-edt-RM140
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Essential PH -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Sonia Rykiel -Homme Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 100
Sonia Rykiel -L'eau De Women-100ml-man-edt- RM 100
Swiss Army-Mountain Water for Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Swiss Army-Altitude -100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Swiss Army-Mountain Water Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Swiss Army-Swiss Army Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Ted Lapidus-Altamir for Man -125ml-man-edt- RM 110
Thiery Mugler-Icemen -100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)-Jazz -100ml-man-edt- RM 160

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Posts : 7
Join date : 28/03/2011

PostSubject: Re: Original Perfume - Tester Unit & New In Box   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:09 pm

List of New Woman's Fragrance –With Box

Anna Sui-Dolly Girl Bonjour L Amour-50ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Anna Sui-Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet-50ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Anna Sui-Dolly Girl Ooh La Love-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Anna Sui-Dolly Girl Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Anna Sui-Rock Me-75ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Antonio Banderas-Spirit for Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 110
Antonio Banderas-Blue Seduction Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Azzaro-Now Woman-50ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Benetton-Hot Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 90
Benetton-B United Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-United Color Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Endless World Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Energy Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Gold Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Inferno Paradiso Pink Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Pure Sport Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Energy Pop Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Giallo Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Rosso Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Essence Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Britney Spears-Curious-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Britney Spears-Curious Heart-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Britney Spears-Believe-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Britney Spears-Fantasy-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Britney Spears-Midnight Fantasy-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Britney Spears-Circus Fantasy-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Britney Spears-Curious In Control-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Britney Spears-Hidden Fantasy-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Burberry-Weekend Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Burberry-Burberry London Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Bvlgari-Omnia Green Jade-65ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Bvlgari-Omnia Crystalline-65ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Blv Notte Woman-75ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Bvlgari-Blv Woman-75ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Bvlgari-Omnia Amethyste Woman-65ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Omnia-65ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Cacharel-Anais Anais-100ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Calvin Klein-Eternity Summer 2009 Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Calvin Klein-In 2 U Woman-150ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Calvin Klein-Escape Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Calvin Klein-Eternity Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Carolina Herrera-212 Ice Woman 2010-60ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Chevignon-Forever Mine Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
David Beckham-Intimately Night Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 180
David Beckham-Signature Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Davidoff-Cool Water Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 150
Davidoff-Echo Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Davidoff-Cool Water Wave-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Elizabeth Arden-Green Tea Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Elizabeth Arden-Green Tea Exotic-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Elizabeth Arden-Green Tea Lavender Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Elizabeth Arden-Green Tea Revitalize-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Elizabeth Arden-True Love Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Elizabeth Arden-Arden Beauty-100ml-woman-edp- RM 130
Elizabeth Arden-Sunflowers-100ml-woman-edt- RM 130
Elizabeth Arden-5th Avenue After Five-125ml-woman-edp- RM 140
Elizabeth Arden-Red Door Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Elizabeth Arden-5th Avenue Woman-125ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Elizabeth Arden-5th Avenue Nights-125ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Elizabeth Arden-Mediterranean-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Elizabeth Arden-Red Door Shimmer Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Elizabeth Arden-Pretty Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Elizabeth Arden-Provocative-100ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Escada-Sentiment Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Etienne Aigner-Black Icedrop Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Etienne Aigner-Too Feminine Spring-65ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Etienne Aigner-White Woman-125ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Etienne Aigner-Too Feminine-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Etienne Aigner-Starlight-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Etienne Aigner-Black Woman-125ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Etienne Aigner-Pour Femme Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Guess-Guess Woman-75ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Guess-Gold-75ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Hugo Boss-Boss Woman-90ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Hugo Boss-XX Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-Boss Intense Woman-90ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Deep Red Woman-90ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Femme-75ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Hugo (Army) Woman-125ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Pure Purple-90ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Iceberg-Effusion Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 100
Iceberg-The Fragrance-100ml-woman-edp- RM 120
Jaguar-Fresh -woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Jaguar-Jaguar -woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Jennifer-Lopez-Glow-100ml-woman-edt- RM 160
Jennifer-Lopez-Live-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Jennifer-Lopez-Live Luxe-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Jennifer-Lopez-Still-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Jennifer-Lopez-Deseo Forever-100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Jennifer-Lopez-Glow Sunkissed-100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Jennifer-Lopez-My Glow-100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Kenzo-Amour Florale Woman-85ml-woman-edt- RM 140
Kenzo-L eau Par Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Kenzo-L'eau Par Eau Indigo Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Kenzo-Flower-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Lacoste-Inspiration-75ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Lacoste-Touch Of Pink-90ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Lacoste-Touch Of Sun-90ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Maria Sharapova-Maria Sharapova-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Moschino-Funny Woman-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Moschino-I Love Love -100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Nina Ricci-L'Eau du Temps-100ml-woman-edt- RM 180
Nina Ricci-L'air du Temps-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Paris Hilton-Can Can-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Paris Hilton-Fairy Dust-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Paris Hilton-Heiress Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Paris Hilton-Tease Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Paris Hilton-Just Me Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Paris Hilton-Paris Hilton Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Paris Hilton-Siren Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Perry Ellis-18 Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 150
Perry Ellis-Perry Ellis 360 White-100ml-woman-edt- RM 170
Perry Ellis-Reserve-100ml-woman-edp- RM 170
Perry Ellis-Perry Ellis-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Perry Ellis-Perry Ellis 360 Red-100ml-woman-edp- RM 180
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Dream-100ml-woman-edt- RM 180
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Bliss-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Salvatore Ferragamo-Incanto Heaven-100ml-woman-edt-RM 190
Salvatore Ferragamo-Subtil-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190
Sarah Jessica Parker-Covet-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Sarah Jessica Parker-Lovely Woman-100ml-woman-edp- RM 160
Sarah Jessica Parker-Covet Pure in Bloom-100ml-woman-edp-RM 170
Sarah Jessica Parker-Endless-75ml-woman-edp- RM 190
Versace-Versus Red Jeans Woman-75ml-woman-edt- RM 120
Yves Saint Laurent-In Love Again-100ml-woman-edt- RM 190

List of New Men's Fragrance –With Box

Antonio Banderas-Spirit for Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 110
Antonio Banderas-Spirit VIP Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 110
Antonio Banderas-Blue Seduction Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Antonio Banderas-Seduction in Black Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Azzaro-Now Man-50ml-man-edt- RM 140
Azzaro-Pure Cedrat Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 140
Azzaro-Pure Vetiver Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 140
Azzaro-Pure Lavender Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 150
Azzaro-Bright Visit-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Azzaro-Visit-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Azzaro-Chrome Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Azzaro-Silver Black-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Benetton-Cold Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 90
Benetton-United Color Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Energy Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Inferno Paradiso Blue Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Pure Sport Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Sport Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 100
Benetton-Blu Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Endless World Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Energy Pop Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Verde Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 110
Benetton-Essence Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Benetton-Silver Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 120
Burberry-Weekend Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Burberry-Brit Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Burberry-Burberry London Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Bvlgari-Blv Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Bvlgari-Pour Homme-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Pour Homme Soir-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Aqva Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Aqva Marine Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Blv Notte Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Bvlgari-Extreme Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Calvin Klein-Eternity Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Calvin Klein-Crave-75ml-man-edt- RM 170
Calvin Klein-Escape Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Calvin Klein-In 2 U Man (150ml)-150ml-man-edt- RM 170
Calvin Klein-Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Calvin Klein-Truth Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Calvin Klein-Euphoria Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Carolina Herrera-Aqua-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Cartier-Declaration Essence-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Chevignon-Best of Chevignon-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Chevignon-Pour Homme-125ml-man-edt- RM 130
Chevignon-Forever Mine Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
David Beckham-Intimately Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 150
David Beckham-Intimately Woman-75ml-man-edt- RM 160
David Beckham-Intimately Night Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 170
Davidoff-Cool Water Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 150
Davidoff-Echo Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Davidoff-Silver Shadow Altitude Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Davidoff-Cool Water Deep-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Dsquared2-He Wood-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Dsquared2-He Wood Rocky Mountain-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Dunhill-Desire Blue Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Dunhill-Desire Red Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Dunhill-Xcentrix-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Dunhill-Dunhill-75ml-man-edt- RM 180
Dunhill-London-90ml-man-edt- RM 180
Dunhill-Pursuit-75ml-man-edt- RM 180
Escada-Sentiment Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Etienne Aigner-X Limited Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 130
Etienne Aigner-Clear Day-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Etienne Aigner-Man 2 Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Etienne Aigner-Statement Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 150
Etienne Aigner-Man 2 Evolution-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Etienne Aigner-Private Number-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Etienne Aigner-White Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 160
Etienne Aigner-Black Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 170
Etienne Aigner-Blue Emotion-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Etienne Aigner-Pour Homme-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Etienne Aigner-Black Icedrop Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 180
Ferrari-Black-125ml-man-edt- RM 160
Ferrari-Yellow-75ml-man-edt- RM 160
Ferrari-Extreme-125ml-man-edt- RM 170
Ferrari-Red-125ml-man-edt- RM 170
Ferrari-Racing-125ml-man-edt- RM 190
Givenchy-Ange Ou Demon-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Guess-Guess Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 150
Guess-By Marciano Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Guess-Guess Suede-75ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-In Motion White Edition Man-90ml-man-edt- RM 170
Hugo Boss-Boss Bottled (# 6) Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-Boss Soul Man-90ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-Hugo (Army) Man-150ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-In Motion Electric-90ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-In Motion Man-90ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-Selection Man-90ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-XY Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Hugo Boss-Dark Blue Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Element Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Energise Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 190
Hugo Boss-Pure-75ml-man-edt- RM 190
Iceberg-Effusion Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 100
Iceberg-Twice Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 110
Jaguar-Fresh-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Jaguar-Jaguar-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Jaguar-Classic Black-100ml-man-edt- RM 130
Jaguar-Jaguar (Relaunched)-100ml-man-edt- RM 130
Jaguar-Prestige-100ml-man-edt- RM 140
Jaguar-Prestige Spirit Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Kenzo-L eau Par Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Kenzo-Tokyo-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Kenzo-Jungle Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Kenzo-L'eau Par Eau Indigo Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Kenzo-Pour Homme-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Kenzo-Power-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Lacoste-Elegance-90ml-man-edt- RM 190
Lacoste-Essential Man-125ml-man-edt- RM 190
Lacoste-Pour Homme-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Montblanc-Presence-75ml-man-edt- RM 180
Montblanc-Presence Cool-75ml-man-edt- RM 180
Montblanc-Starwalker Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 180
Montblanc-Individuel Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 190
Paco Rabanne-XS Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Paco Rabanne-Black XS Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Paris Hilton-Heir Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 120
Paris Hilton-Just Me-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Paris Hilton-Paris Hilton Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 150
Perry Ellis-Perry Ellis Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Perry Ellis-18-100ml-man-edt- RM 170
Salvatore Ferragamo-F by Ferragamo-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Swiss Army-Classic-100ml-man-edt- RM 160
Versace-Blue Jeans Man-75ml-man-edt- RM 120
Yves Saint Laurent-Jazz-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Yves Saint Laurent-Live Jazz Man-100ml-man-edt- RM 180
Yves Saint Laurent-Kouros-100ml-man-edt- RM 190
Benetton-Benetton United Colors Unisex-75ml-Unisex-edt- RM 100
Bvlgari-Black -75ml-Unisex-edt- RM 160
Calvin Klein-Be -100ml-Unisex-edt- RM 140
Calvin Klein-Be -200ml-Unisex-edt- RM 160
Calvin Klein-One Unisex-200ml-Unisex-edt- RM 160

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PostSubject: Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:13 pm

Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari
Men (EDT) 100ml
Tester Unit (With White or Brown Box)
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PostSubject: Still by Jennifer Lopez   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:48 pm

Still by Jennifer Lopez
Women (EDP) 100ml
RM 150
Tester Unit (With White or Brown Box)
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PostSubject: Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:50 pm

Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein
Women (EDP) 100ml
RM 150
Tester Unit (With White or Brown Box)
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PostSubject: L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:51 pm

L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo
Men (EDT) 100ml
RM 150
Tester Unit (With White or Brown Box)
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PostSubject: Re: Original Perfume - Tester Unit & New In Box   

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Original Perfume - Tester Unit & New In Box
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